How Companies Like PEAKHD Keep Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Perfect Shape

Millions of diesel-powered vehicles today include systems that enable the injection of an emissions-reducing solution into their exhaust streams. The diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, required by such vehicles is an important supply that must be protected in a variety of ways if it is to remain effective. Companies like PEAKHD have developed processes and services that allow them to provide top quality DEF to customers anywhere.

DEF is Prone to Degradation From a Number of Sources

The DEF many diesel burning vehicles now require is highly reactive by design. While that allows it to bind to smog-producing nitrogen oxide compounds normally found in diesel exhaust, it also makes the substance susceptible to a variety of undesirable influences.

Because commercial trucks and other vehicles need to be supplied with pure, high-quality DEF if it is to be effective, special precautions need to be employed to prevent deterioration. Some of the possible issues that need to be accounted for in most cases include:

  • Contamination. DEF includes deionized water and urea, the latter of which is responsible for the ability of the substance to break down nitrogen oxides. While the water that forms the bulk of the solution helps keep normally reactive urea stable, it must remain pure if it is to continue to do so. Even a bit of contamination introduced into a supply of DEF can greatly lessen the effectiveness of the material. Given that DEF is often stored, handled, and dispensed in active environments where substances like dirt and oil are common, great care must always be taken to keep it well shielded from such potentially problematic influences.
  • Corrosion. Pure urea can also react with certain metals to cause corrosion. DEF must always be stored and dispensed so corrosion and the contaminants it can produce will not be issues.

Top Quality DEF Keeps Fleets Running Clean

Fortunately, issues like these can be accounted for in effective ways that keep DEF pure through to the time of dispensing. That is what it takes to ensure the important function enabled by this increasingly common substance will never be inhibited in any way.